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repaired parking garage

How to Repair Cracks in Parking Structures

Parking structure repair and maintenance can be a large undertaking due to the massive square footage of many parking lots and multi-level garages. In this blog post, we will break down the options for fixing concrete cracks in parking structures and simplify their repair steps.

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PUMA PMMA Technology Header

PMMA Waterproofing and PUMA Coatings: 5 Minute Guide

When you need to protect concrete decks, foundations and other surfaces from water infiltration, abrasion and chemical ...

Urethane vs. Epoxy Primers: What are the Differences?

Choosing the right primer for a traffic coating system requires understanding the materials, environment, traffic ...

Quality Roof Detailing 101

When restoring a roof membrane or installing one on a new construction, the most important part of the application is ...
city skyline in winter with trees and snow

Winterizing Commercial Buildings: Maintenance for Cold Temperatures

While ongoing maintenance is important year-round for air- and watertightness, winter weather makes buildings even more ...
construction workers talking

Improving Building Envelope Connectivity with Preconstruction Meetings

As research and testing has expanded in recent years, so too has the awareness around the importance of connectivity ...

The 7 Must-Ask Questions to Achieve Proper Drainage

In my territory in Florida, drains and drainage are increasingly becoming an issue when dealing with our waterproofing ...
sealant cracking at window condition

The Importance of Maintaining Proper Sealant Joints

As part of comprehensive building maintenance, the owner and facility manager have countless items to oversee, ...
air barrier application with construction workers

Adhesion and Compatibility: How Both Affect Critical Connections

When choosing the appropriate sealant for any building application, it’s important to understand the compatibility and ...
Sealant applied to metal roof fasteners

How to Seal Metal Roof Screws More Quickly [Video Guide]

Sealing fasteners on metal roofs can be time-consuming and use up a lot of sealant. However, I recently discovered a ...
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