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Walls Facades

gray stone entryway of a home with a green exterior finish

Applying the Principles of Feng Shui to Your Building Exterior

Did you know that Feng Shui also extends to your building’s façade? Feng Shui can be more than just efficiently arranging your room’s interior.

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Find the building exterior that matches your aesthetic- QUIZ

With so many options for your building façade, do you find it hard to know what’s the best fit for your style? Take ...

Applications of Environmental Chambers in Modern Construction

To verify how building materials and substrates will behave in various climates, environmental chambers are used in the ...
Exterior of retail mall with orange, teal, and gray finishes.

What is the Building Visualizer?

If you’re thinking about refreshing the outside of your home or building, whether for aesthetic or performance reasons, ...
installer placing foam expansion joint between panels

6 Reasons to Use Foam Expansion Joints for Panelization and Prefab Walls

Prefabrication of exterior wall panels is ideal for quality assurance and consistent application, saving time and labor ...

The Top 10 Tips for Applying Reflective Exterior Coatings

When a smooth, reflective look is desired for the exterior façade of a building, the use of metal panels has tended to ...
Sealant being applied in a joint over a backer rod

How to Use Sealant Calculators to Estimate Product Needs

Predicting how much sealant or caulking you need for a construction job can be difficult. To alleviate this challenge, ...
gray panelized skyscraper with orange balconies

Understanding Off-site Construction Connections and Installations

The off-site construction process has several benefits for building owners, contractors, architects and designers. ...

Construction Benefits of Offsite CI Panels

For a complete factory-assembled wall system delivered to the jobsite ready to install, consider an offsite approach to ...
Mastering Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Mastering Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, on average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is ...