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Walls Facades

metallic and stone finish of a several story commercial building

The Top 8 Exterior Cladding Aesthetics using Acrylic Finishes

When designing the façade for a new build or restoration project, architects today are realistically limited only by their own creativity. Modern technology and building materials enable countless aesthetic options from historical stone structures to contemporary high-rises and anywhere in between, all with the high-performance and energy efficiency that comes with continuous insulation (CI).

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aerial view of the ocean and seaside buildings

The Deep Energy Retrofit Initiative: The ABCs of DER

For facility managers, building owners, and contractors alike, adapting existing buildings to be more energy-efficient ...

8 Ways to Avoid Mistakes with Trade Interfaces on Building Envelopes

The general contractor has a huge undertaking in coordinating all aspects of building construction. The connections ...

ICF vs Wood: 6 Reasons to Choose ICF

Over the past several years, dramatic increases in lumber costs have left the construction industry looking to other ...
city skyline in winter with trees and snow

Winterizing Commercial Buildings: Maintenance for Cold Temperatures

While ongoing maintenance is important year-round for air- and watertightness, winter weather makes buildings even more ...
sealants in production

The Best Alternatives to Silicone Sealants

As a result of recent global supply chain disruptions, the raw material used for producing silicone sealants in ...
NFPA 285 Fire Test

NFPA 285: 4 Frequently Asked Questions

While nothing can predict a structure’s response to the elements or natural disasters with 100% accuracy, laboratory ...

Alternative Sealant Technologies: Common Failures & Today’s Solutions

For building connections that require a durable, long-lasting and flexible joint sealant, the limitations in older ...

The Facility Manager’s Guide to Glazing System Maintenance

Most air and water intrusion is caused by gaps in the building, specifically the fenestrations. Window and door ...
Masonry Problems and Solutions

Best Solutions to Solve 5 Common Masonry Problems

In our previous blog post, we reviewed five common masonry problems and ways to prevent them. In this part 2 post, ...
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