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PUMA Coating Mixed for Parking Garage

Parking Garage Waterproofing with PUMA Technology

Hit with relentless vehicular traffic and extreme weather, parking garages face substantial abuse. Plus, any needed repairs must be completed quickly to minimize disruption and loss of revenue for the owner. When deciding on a waterproofing system for new construction or restoration of a parking garage, it is crucial to consider both long-term durability and speed of installation.

Coatings with Polyurethane Methacrylate (PUMA) technology offer a superior solution due their strength, flexibility and most importantly, fast cure. They can be applied in a wide range of environmental conditions, enabling parking garage touch-ups or a complete surface overhaul in any climate or season. For more on the basics of PUMA technology, read our 5-Minute Guide.


Catalyst Health Parking Garage PUMAParking garages are critical in urban landscapes as they accompany buildings such as hospitals, casinos, stadiums, museums and more. They face unique challenges due to the consistency of vehicular traffic and exposure to the elements. Here is how PUMA technology combats those difficult conditions:


PUMA coating systems handle the sheer resistance and abrasion forces that vehicles apply on the straightaways of parking garages and withstands the high abuse areas such as helical ramps and ticket spitters. PUMA technology exhibits higher adhesive and durability properties than urethane coatings in these conditions, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance.

When you apply a PUMA coating, the substrate (typically concrete) is protected from both water infiltration and chemical damage. Standard urethane systems are warranted for 5 to 10 years, depending on the manufacturer. But with the durability and flexibility of PUMA technology coating systems, manufacturers can offer extended warranties for up to 20 years.

It is also important that your coating system is slip-resistant to both protect passersby and cars. PUMA technology is compatible with a range of aggregates, so with a fully broadcast topcoat, the system is slip- and skid-resistant for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


Regardless of location, PUMA technology can handle the worst that weather can throw at it. PUMA technology systems have superior elongation, which means they can handle a structure’s typical freeze-thaw cycle without cracking.  Application of the system can even be accomplished in as low as 14°F (-10°C). PUMA technology has great resistance to de-icing agents such as chlorides and other chemicals that are commonly used during cold weather months. PUMA-based coatings can also be modified to withstand abuse from snowplow traffic and steel wheel dumpsters.

Vulkem EWS_drive_lanesCUSTOMIZATION

Not every parking garage application is going to be the same. Fortunately, PUMA technology allows flexibility in application thickness and viscosity to achieve desirable installation properties. Regular urethanes can have challenges curing under these conditions.

If you desire a colored surface, such as striping or arrows in the parking garage, PUMA-based coatings lend themselves to both integrally colored images (through tintable topcoats) and topically applied coloring. Before applying paint to a surface treated with a PUMA coating, consult with the coating manufacturer to confirm compatibility.



When restoring an existing parking garage, there are numerous variables to consider. Typically, time is the main factor as extended shutdowns for repairs have high costs, limit the number of paying customers who can use the facility, and risk tenant retention. PUMA technology coatings are ideal for restoration projects due to their time savings and application flexibility. 


Historically speaking, an owner wanting to repair the concrete on a parking garage would need to shut down the facility for 1 to 2 weeks in order to install a traditional urethane coating. This can be a logistical and financial nightmare. With a PUMA coating, the parking garage can be returned to service in a day.

PUMA Coating in Indianapolis Parking GarageIn terms of finances, suppose you have a parking garage with five hundred parking spots.  Each vehicle pays on average $30 per day. Assuming full occupancy, that equates to $15,000 in revenue per day. Installation of a traditional urethane coating would shut down the parking garage for at least 7 days, costing the owner of that parking garage a minimum of $105,000 in revenue in addition to the cost of the material and labor. If a PUMA technology system is used, the owner would likely only lose 8 hours of service time or less than $15,000.  Not only does the PUMA system get applied and cure faster, it also provides a longer service life and fewer interruptions to the revenue stream.


PUMA technology can be applied to most commonly encountered construction substrates, such as concrete, metal, wood, sheathing, and PVC. Additionally, provided testing confirms there are not compatibility issues, PUMA technology coatings can be applied on existing urethane surfaces to restore a parking garage. Always contact the manufacturer to address any compatibility or other questions.

Note: you can achieve surface/substrate preparation, detailing and minimal repairs with PUMA technology and a urethane sealant. If concrete damage is more significant, contact the manufacturer for a more robust solution, such as a compatible concrete repair mortar.



PUMA Coating Applied in PhiladelphiaWhether you are a building owner, property manager, contractor, or applicator, time is money. Especially when it comes to revenue-generating parking garages, it is crucial that repairs are made quickly so that the structure can be turned back over for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Polyurethane methacrylate-based waterproofing coatings defend the surface from water and chemical ingress and offer a myriad of other benefits. They have long-term durability, can be applied in low-temperatures and can be customized with various color options and slip resistance. PUMA coatings are also fast-cure and compatible with common substrates.

Whether your parking garage is a new construction or requires remediation, consider the strengths of PUMA technology to safeguard occupants and the owner’s investment.