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students in hard hats and safety vests look at building under construction

Investing in America’s Infrastructure: The Role of Construction Trade Week in Meeting Industry Demands

As the labor shortage grows more acute across the sector, igniting a passion for the trades among youth is a powerful way to sustain and empower our industry for the years to come. After all, before you can hire a successful candidate, they first need to have knowledge of the industry. 
As part of our Tremco CPG Rising Stars Program, Construction Trade Week is showcasing the vital role skilled tradespeople play in our economy and providing a pathway for the next generation.

For established tradespeople – from masons to glaziers to any trade in between – it’s a valuable opportunity to directly engage with young people about the wide world of the skilled trades, sowing the seeds for candidates we all need in the future.

Showcase our industry

During the Construction Trade Week sessions, you can come together with industry colleagues to share your expert insights on the latest construction trends, best practices, and innovations – focusing on anything from tools and materials to evolving green building standards. And, by also including our Rising Stars participants, you bring a career in the trades to life for them.

The Rising Stars program is for 18- to 24-year-olds, as well as minority and women-owned contracting companies. It immerses them in a crash course on all aspects of the construction cycle to help develop their skillsets and increase their access to resources.


By the time you meet the participant, they'll have completed a series of hands-on workshops, activities, and seminars on topics from construction trades, building science, impacts of climate change on design and innovations, and mock job interviews.

Bringing it all together

Engaging in the sessions brings home the inherent value of the skilled trades as viable careers that are essential to thriving communities. Coming at the end of the weeks-long Rising Stars program, this event also brings together what the students have learned with real-world exposure and opportunity.

The partnerships among participants, local organizations, vocational programs, and industry professionals happening at Construction Trade Week build the foundation for meaningful engagement – and recruitment – for trades work down the line.

By getting involved in the Rising Stars Program now, you can get in on the ground floor to shape the future of the construction industry.

For more information or to participate in future Construction Trade Weeks, contact Rising Stars’ Director, David Hutchinson at dbhutchinson@tremcoinc.com