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EIFS facade on building

Expand your EIFS Coverage with these 7 Warranty Elements

The phrase so often used in specification for Warranty is, “Provide Manufacturer’s Standard Warranty” and nothing could be more limiting to you or your client – the building owner. Not all EIFS warranties are created equal, so be sure to research, coordinate and outline your specific needs in the Warranty Section of your specification.

Here are the initial warranty elements you should investigate:

  1. Term – how many years? Specific EIFS with Drainage warranties are now available up to 20 years or more.

  2. Remedy – does the manufacturer offer labor and materials necessary to repair or replace products that do not perform as warranted?

  3. Depreciation – does the warranty remedy depreciate or decrease over the course of its term?

  4. UV Fade Resistance – does the warranty offer UV fade resistance? For how long? For what colors – standard or special? Are high performance colorants available or required?

  5. Replacement of Framing and Sheathing – does the warranty provide for replacement of framing and sheathing in the event of a moisture infiltration as a direct result of material defect?

  6. Original Warranty System Renewal – does the EIFS manufacturer support a restoration program that provides a renewal of the original system warranty?

  7. Warranty Extensions – can you extend or expand your coverage? Some manufacturers offer a variety of extended options where certain ‘accessory components or elements’ are specified. These options are typically ‘performance enhancement’ related and must also be outlined in the Warranty Section of your specification. Here are some warranty extension options that may be available from the EIFS manufacturer:
    • Silicone Sealant – Extended term and watertight condition warranted when select silicone sealant products are used
    • Third Party Consultant – Warranty term extension if approved consultant is involved
    • Resistance to Puncture – Manufacturer will repair damage when ultra-high impact mesh is integrated over the entire EIFS wall area
    • Woodpecker damage – Warranted against puncture by woodpeckers when certain base coats are used
    • Specialty Veneers – Extended term when certain veneers are installed

Don’t limit yourself or the building owner to a standard EIFS warranty. For complete coverage of your façade, investigate the warranty options offered by various manufacturers to find the best fit for your project.

Learn about the comprehensive warranties that are feasible here: