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students in hard hats and safety vests look at building under construction

Investing in America’s Infrastructure: The Role of Construction Trade Week in Meeting Industry Demands

As the labor shortage grows more acute across the sector, igniting a passion for the trades among youth is a powerful way to sustain and empower our industry for the years to come. After all, before you can hire a successful candidate, they first need to have knowledge of the industry.

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Welcome to Build Meets World®

The Build Meets World blog covers the design, construction, testing, restoration, and maintenance of the building envelope. We educate architects, contractors, facility managers, and others in the industry to construct and maintain durable, energy-efficient buildings.

fabricator applying sealant around a cargo trailer in a factory

Sealant Showdown: Butyl Tape vs. Liquid Applied Sealants

Butyl tape and liquid sealants are two of the most common sealing materials for in-plant or offsite building ...
gray stone entryway of a home with a green exterior finish

Applying the Principles of Feng Shui to Your Building Exterior

Did you know that Feng Shui also extends to your building’s façade? Feng Shui can be more than just efficiently ...

Find the building exterior that matches your aesthetic- QUIZ

With so many options for your building façade, do you find it hard to know what’s the best fit for your style? Take ...

Applications of Environmental Chambers in Modern Construction

To verify how building materials and substrates will behave in various climates, environmental chambers are used in the ...
Exterior of retail mall with orange, teal, and gray finishes.

What is the Building Visualizer?

If you’re thinking about refreshing the outside of your home or building, whether for aesthetic or performance reasons, ...
installer placing foam expansion joint between panels

6 Reasons to Use Foam Expansion Joints for Panelization and Prefab Walls

Prefabrication of exterior wall panels is ideal for quality assurance and consistent application, saving time and labor ...
installer rolling liquid waterproofing onto balcony

Cold vs. Hot-Applied Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

For horizontal waterproofing in new construction or renovation projects, there are countless fluid-applied membranes in ...
construction workers with face masks

VOCs in Construction and How Hybrid Sealant Technologies Manage Exposure

Global industries and governments have taken action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their negative environmental ...

The Top 10 Tips for Applying Reflective Exterior Coatings

When a smooth, reflective look is desired for the exterior façade of a building, the use of metal panels has tended to ...